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Why AgileBrains

Right Execution of your projects but in an affordable manner


For Global-Talent you need a reliable partner to align your priorities and deliver qualitative, reliable, yet cost effective execution solution for your projects. AgileBrains just do that...

Independent Consultant

What You'll Get:

Self Confidence
Reliable Talent

Our engineers and developers are focused to execute your projects with Agility. We are Flexible, humble, and with the attitude of getting work done.

Vast Skillsets

Along with trending technologies (MEAN, MERN, React, Flutter) we care to support a vast skilled engineers and developers to better able to support your projects.

Dedicated Support

Your Account reps will always be there to help build and strenghthen relationships while solving any problems along the way.

Transparency at Each Step

Believing in long-term relationships, our processes are transparent. Each step is well defined to avoid confusion. Work directly with your teams to track progress.

Scalable, End-To-End Engineering

We deliver end-to-end services to ensure timely completion of your projects.

Complete Control how you want to execute Projects

You can hire specialized developer(s) or engineer(s) to work with your team independently

Simply, a Global Talent and Project Execution Platform you can Trust

Hiring of specialized talent made easy. Your terms, your way of work.

Connect with us to discuss your talent requirements

How we Do it:


What's on paper, is a Reality

While sourcing for technical talent, we follow a thorough technical testing process. Every developer/engineer is rated as per specialization via respective tests to ensure the claim of technical expert level. And we settle in for only the best.


Portfolio Past performance is a Future Predictor

Every individual at AgileBrains carry a great track record that is verified through past projects, the feedbacks from clients, and success ratios.


Relationships that goes a long way

We establish relationships with great talent and provide a collaborative environment to work and excel in their respective fields.


Personality Assessment Humble & Getting it done attitude

Along with skills, we conduct personality assessment tests and select the ones who possess attitude of serving best the customers and tendency to exceed expectations through positive work ethic.


Every Project is Personal Our success is embedded in Your success

We don't take any Project as Client's project. That becomes our Project. Your challenges become our challenges. This connection, and accountability compell us to go above & beyond to ensure success.

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How we Compare:

AgileBrainsHiring AgenciesFull-time HireFreelance Platform
Time to select Consultants0-72 hours1-3 weeks2-3 Months1-2 Months
Pre-vetted process of selection
End- End Project Execution
Recuitring FeeZero$$$$-$$$
Personalized Support
Guaranteed Quality
Failure RateVery LowHighLowVery High
Termination Costs$$$$$$$$$-

Industry Experience:


AgileBrains is a specialized talent focused platform for IT projects execution created under the MicroAgility Consulting platform LLC owned by MicroAgility, Inc.

MicroAgility is an award-winning business transformation agency specialized in strategy execution, was founded in 2003 by former executives of “Big Four” consulting and Wall Street firms.

Personality type of independent business consultant

Have Questions?

Customer support is our highest priority. We’re here to answer all your questions via our Support Docs, Video Demos, and 24/7 Live Chat.